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BlackFire Puppy Pictures

Now!  See video clips of our puppies!

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Litter Photo Lizzie Aug 21.jpg

Lizzie's litter, born August 30, 2021

The sire is CH Dreamvale

Gentleman Jack at Fieldsedge


 BlackFire Pancia Bolla "Pancho"

 BlackFire Dopo La Mezzanotte "Mezzo"

 BlackFire Carina Nera "Carrie"

 BlackFire Bella Rossa "Bella"

 BlackFire Primogenito "Primo"

Bootsie's litter, born June 21, 2021

The sire is CKCSC CH and AKC GCH Infinindad Instant Gratification "Iggy"


 BlackFire Clear To Close "Joy" aka "Birdie"

 BlackFire Its In The Pod "Zilla" aka "Pippa"

 BlackFire New Beginnings "Summer" aka "Apple"

 BlackFire New York Minute "Henley" aka "Guinness"

 BlackFire New York State Of Mind "Apple"

Bootsie Litter Photo 2021.jpg
Lizzie Litter Photo 2021.jpg

Watch videos of these pups as they develop from the moment of their birth on our YouTube channel

Lizzie's litter, born January 23, 2021

The sire is CKCSC CH and AKC GCH Infinindad Instant Gratification "Iggy"

                       BlackFire Way Too Early "KCDC" aka "Maisie"

                       BlackFire At Last "Etta"

                       BlackFire Anticipation "Simon"

                       BlackFire All Night Long "Jamba"

SnapChat's litter, born August 6, 2020


The sire is BlackFire With A Purpose



BlackFire Dark Night "Luna"

BlackFire Dark Magic "Magic" aka "Penny"


Luna and Magic.jpg
Bootsie Litter Photo 2020.jpg

Bootsie's first litter, born Friday the 13th of March, 2020.  The sire is Hubbell (CH BlackFire Plaza Suite).

BlackFire Triskaidekaphobia "Triska" aka "Lenni"

BlackFire Toss The Salt "Salty" aka "Cassidy"

BlackFire Very Superstitious "Stevie" aka "Toby"

SnapChat Litter Dec 2019.jpg

SnapChat's litter, born December 11, 2019.  The sire is Mulligan (BlackFire With A Purpose).

BlackFire The Butler Did It "Carson" aka "Quincy"

BlackFire Irish Rebel "Branson"

BlackFire Welcome to Downton "Abbey" aka "Daisy"

BlackFire Poor Mr Pamuk "Pamuk"


BlackFire Poor Mr Pamuk


Born December 11, 2019

BlackFire With A Purpose


BlackFire Kodak Moment

Pamuk now lives with a loving owner in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Watch Pamuk react to

a carpenter bee!

Pamuk 10 weeks.jpg

Dylan (CH BlackFire Simple Twist of Fate) admires his puppies - the mom was

Boo (GCH BlackFire October Surprise).  The litter was born March 29, 2017.

BlackFire First Love  "Romeo"

BlackFire Nevertheless She Persisted  "Lizzie"

BlackFire With A Purpose  "Mulligan"

BlackFire Made For Walkin'  "Bootsey"

BlackFire Late For Dinner  "Murphy Rose"

BlackFire Wrong Way Corrigan  "Corey"

Lizzie is looking forward to a successful show career, after getting her first win at just six months old!

Romeo (BlackFire First Love)

is very relaxed on his first night

in his new home!


BlackFire Kodachrome


BlackFire Kodak Moment


Born January 7, 2016

The dam is

BlackFire Open Me First (Kodak)

and the sire is

CH BlackFire Plaza Suite (Hubbell)

At 3 1/2 weeks of age, the little girl tests out her voice!

Jack (at one year old in this photo) likes to cuddle with his adopted sister, Jilly.


BlackFire Mark Of Distinction


BlackFire Slip Slidin Away


BlackFire Blaze Of Glory


Born February 15, 2016

The dam is

CH BlackFire I Approved This Message (Tag)

and the sire is

CH BlackFire Plaza Suite (Hubbell)

IMG-0829 (1).JPG

Is that Sir Edmund Hillary?  No, it's Smudge, aka Boogie, at the summit of Mount Ellinor in Washington.

Smudge loves to cuddle with Bramble.

They are both retired, and live in

Brooklyn with their adopted parents,

Will and Eva.


BlackFire Up All Night


Born January 21, 2016

The dam is

 GCH BlackFire October Surprise (Boo)

and the sire is

GCH Clarmarian Classic By Design (DC)

On July 16, 2015, Tilde gave birth to her first litter - three rubies and two black-and-tans.


The sire is CH BlackFire Plaza Suite (Hubbell).

Left to Right:

BlackFire Rosewater "Murphy"

BlackFire Moment of Zen "Zen"

BlackFire Senior Correspondent "Corey"

BlackFire Back In Black "Mookie"

BlackFire Indecision "Leo"

At the Vet's office...

Leo and Mookie

(L) Moments after birth

(R) Returning for health check at 10 weeks


Thank you so much for trusting me to assist Dr. Rini during the c-section procedure for Tilde. It was a more than amazing learning experience! I wish the best of luck to BlackFire Cavaliers and even better health for your pups!

Emily VanEron

Corey enjoys a day out on the boat!

Tilde's black-and-tan boy, Mookie, at six weeks of age

Zen takes in the Big Apple

with big sister Juliette

While she was out walking in the city, Juliette bumped into Zen's litter brother, Mookie!

Mookie steals a base!

No, wait ... it's a ball!

On November 7, 2013,
Bramble (BlackFire Dark Thicket NA, NAJ)
gave birth to a litter sired by
Ch Castlekeep Cimaron of Triplecrown Panache

BlackFire Big Brother  "Riley"
BlackFire Big Lebowski  "Koda"
BlackFire Big Bopper "Cole"
BlackFire Big Girls Don't Cry  "Sherry" 8 weeks of age

Derby's fourth litter, sired by
Ch Chantismere Chandos of Valentyne, JW


BlackFire Open Me First  "Kodak"
BlackFire Split Decision  "Quinn"

Quinn takes good care of

her younger brother Will.

However, we think maybe Will

should have his own bed!

Derby's third litter, sired by
Ch Castlekeep Cimaron at Triplecrown Panache


Left to right:
BlackFire Underdog   "Madeline"
BlackFire Running Mate   "Bentley"
BlackFire Early Returns   "Penny Lane"
BlackFire Exit Poll   "Snagglepuss"
BlackFire October Surprise   "Boo"
BlackFire I Approved This Message   "Tag"

The two boys cuddle with each other.

They were all very good eaters!

Boo and Snaggle after a romp in the snow.

Madeline looking beautiful
at 9 months of age.

Bentley at 5 years old - A handsome guy!

On July 2, 2012, Flair gave birth to a litter of four -
three boys and a girl.

The sire is Ch Castlekeep Cimaron at Triplecrown Panache


Left to right:
BlackFire Tri Tri Again   "Sadie"
BlackFire Fast and Furious   "Max"
BlackFire Afterthought   "Bentley"
BlackFire Stealing Home   "Winston"

Left to right:
BlackFire Four Alarm Fire   "Sophie"
BlackFire Room Service   "Tip"
BlackFire Plaza Suite   "Hubbell"

On Friday, June 8, 2012, Bramble 
(BlackFire Dark Thicket NA, NAJ)
gave birth to her first litter - a girl and two boys.

The sire is Cottfordcourt By The Dawns Early Light.



On July 29, 2011, Flirt gave birth to a litter of five -
three girls and two boys!

The sire is Ch Kaceem Jonathan

Rory (BlackFire Pinch Hitter) takes in a beautiful sunset on the beach, near his Long Island home.

Gypsy (BlackFire Understudy) made a big splash at the November 2012 Cavaliers of the Northeast specialty show under judge Phyllis Wolfish in Danbury, CT - First place in her class and Best Black-and-Tan Bitch in Show!


Gypsy is lovingly owned and shown
by Caitlin Reichardt.


Gypsy at nearly two years old.

At four months of age, Gigi came back to visit.

On May 23rd, 2011, Diva gave birth to a litter of three - 
two boys and a girl.
The sire is Starring Elliot If I Know, "Elliot"


BlackFire Sitting Pretty  "Cameo"
BlackFire Pretty Boy Floyd  "Bandit"
and BlackFire P Y T  "Jackson"

BlackFire Sitting Pretty

Derby's puppies, born January 11, 2011


BlackFire Storm Front  "Stormy"
BlackFire Uptown Girl  "Lexi"
BlackFire Keepin' the Faith  "Penny"
BlackFire Piano Man  "Oliver"


Stormy and her brother, Oliver

Oliver is very relaxed in his living room.

Lexi ponders using the computer as she looks out over her adopted home city of Boston

Stormy checks herself out in the mirror...
We can't be seen on the street looking less than perfect!

Flirt's puppies, born January 13, 2011


BlackFire EarthAngel   "Gabe"
BlackFire Love Potion No. 9  "Chloe"
BlackFire Cupid's Bow  "Buzz"

Young Buzz in a very relaxed pose

Brûlée's litter

born January 27, 2010


BlackFire Path Maker "Boone"
BlackFire New Frontier "Scout"
BlackFire Into the Woods "Hunter"
BlackFire Dora the Explorer "Dora"
BlackFire Dark Thicket "Bramble"

Pinck's puppies, born June 9, 2009


BlackFire Pinck Champagne "Grace"
Chadwick Pinck Panther "Clouseau"
BlackFire In The Pinck "Rosy"
BlackFire Tickled Pinck "Giggle"

Derby's pups born May 16, 2009

The sire was CH Truluv Kissalot, JW

BlackFire Has Chance "Cooper"
BlackFire Shows Class "Flair"
BlackFire Handicapper "Finbar"
BlackFire Can Do "Gino"

Flair at 6 weeks old.

Madison's pups, born May 17, 2008

BlackFire Hurdy Gurdy "Bailey"
BlackFire Fiddle "Haley"
BlackFire Ribible "Chaucer"
Top:  BlackFire Banjo "Andy"

Bailey has settled in with her new companion, Nellie.

Bailey and Nellie can be quite a crazy pair!

Andy at one year old.

Brûleé's pups, born May 6, 2008


BlackFire Emil's Billet-Doux "Madeline"
BlackFire Aquavit ‘n Bordeaux "Bracer"
BlackFire Sweden's French Kiss "Flirt"


At 6 weeks of age, "Flirt" is caught lounging outside on the deck.

Madeline visits with her sister Flirt at 4 months of age.

... and they love to cuddle!

Pinck's puppies born December 22, 2007.


A girl, Chadwick Winter Solstice "Winter,"
and a boy, Chadwick Yuletide, "Brynner." 
Pictured here at 8 weeks of age.

Madison's puppies,
born Wednesday, October 4, 2006.


AKC Ch. BlackFire Trifecta "Derby"
BlackFire Triple Sec "Brandy"
and BlackFire Three's Company "Jack Tripper"

A 3-month-old Derby
makes herself at home ...
in the toy basket!

Brandy, at 8 weeks of age,
enjoys the fall weather.

Jack Tripper at 4 months of age.

BlackFire Pilgrim's Pride "Pilgrim"
BlackFire Giblet Gravy "Albert"


Pinck's puppies, from daddy Murphy
born on Thanksgiving Eve 2006

Pinck's puppies, born April 25, 2006
Blackfire Rive Gauche "Dudley" and
Blackfire Mont Blanc "Nellie"

Samantha's litter, born December 23, 2005

Two boys and a girl:
Blackfire Old Fezziwig "Fezzi"
Blackfire Tiny Tim "Timmy"
Blackfire Li'l Fan "Breeeze"

Fezzi Dec 2021.jpg

Fezzi is still a handsome boy, just a few days before his 16th birthday!

Mother and child.

Bexley's last litter:

Blackfire Say G'Nite Gracie "Gracie"
and Blackfire It's a Wrap "'Rapper"

Bexley's puppies:

Blackfire Irish Amber "Murphy"
and Blackfire Killian's Red "Killian"

Born July 24, 2004

When Murphy was a puppy, he loved to romp in the autumn leaves!

Samantha's Puppies:


Blackfire at the Garden "Madison"
and Blackfire Made the Cut  "Mack"

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