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BlackFire Puppies and Their Families

Over the years, we have been delighted to place many of our puppies with families
who have adopted them and loved them as pets.


Below you can see some of these puppies along with their human families,
who treasure their Cavalier companions.

BlackFire Dopo La Mezzanotte

"Mezzo" aka "Grady"

With Richard and Parisa


BlackFire Primogenito

"Primo" aka "Peppoli"

With John and Tricia

John and Tricia Willis with Peppoli (Primo) 11-7-21.jpg

BlackFire Carina Nera

"Carrie" aka "Finley"

With Sarah


BlackFire Pancia Bolla

"Pancho" aka "Barkley"

with Rachel, Sean, Cecily,

and Lexi


BlackFire New York Minute

"Henley" aka "Guinness"

With Evan and Kristin


BlackFire Its In The Pod

"Zilla" aka "Pippa"

With Sally and Molly


BlackFire Clear To Close

"Joy" aka "Birdie"

With Hilary and Justin


BlackFire New Beginnings

"Summer" aka "Apple"

With Dr. Lindsey


BlackFire At Last


With Mary, Sam, Emily, Alessandro, and May


BlackFire Anticipation

"Simon" aka "Riley"

With Katie


BlackFire Way Too Early

"KCDC" aka "Maisie"

With Father Bob


BlackFire Dark Magic

"Magic" aka "Penny"

With Lisa and Jeff


BlackFire Dark Night


With Lola and Erin


BlackFire Poor Mr Pamuk


With Ross

Ross and Pamuk.jpg

BlackFire Triskaidekaphobia

"Triska" aka "Lenni"

With Jackie and Matt


BlackFire Toss The Salt

"Salty" aka "Cassidy"

With Dorothy


BlackFire Very Superstitious

"Stevie" aka "Toby"

With Elisa, Nathan, and Dylan


BlackFire Welcome to Downton

"Abbey" aka "Daisy"

With Jaclyn and Chris


BlackFire The Butler Did It

"Carson" aka "Quincy"

With Lena and Jodi


BlackFire Irish Rebel


With Manny and Mariel


BlackFire First Love


With Samira, Stefan,  Isabella,

Vita, and Sadie

BlackFire Late For Dinner

"Murphy Rose"

With Father David

BlackFire Wrong Way Corrigan


With Gerard and Ingrid

BlackFire Dark Thicket NA, NAJ


With Will and Eva

BlackFire Up All Night
With Katina, Michael, 
and Mikaela

BlackFire Blaze Of Glory
With Heather and Beth

BlackFire Slip Slidin Away
With Rob, Dana, and Marissa

BlackFire Open Me First
With Peter and Karen

BlackFire Kodachrome
With Steven and Rachel

BlackFire Indecision
With Donna and Anthony

BlackFire Rosewater
With Chris (holding daddy Hubbell),

Kathleen (holding Murphy),

and Diana (holding mom Tilde)


BlackFire Senior Correspondent
With Peter, Ellie, and Jennifer

BlackFire Back In Black
With Dan

BlackFire Moment Of Zen
With Zoe, Juliette, and Marianne

BlackFire Big Girls Don't Cry
With Amy and Tim

BlackFire Big Brother
With Corey, Vivian, and Courtney

BlackFire Big Lebowski
With Barbara and Ricky

BlackFire Big Bopper
With Mary, Ronnie, and Frankie

BlackFire Running Mate
With Tom and Thanasi

BlackFire Split Decision
With Andrew and Tracy

BlackFire Shows Class
With Valerie and Lizzie

BlackFire Tri Tri Again
With Samira, Vita, Stefan, and Isabella

BlackFire Underdog
"Madeline" aka "Polly Purebred"
With Alex, Rachel, and Christine

BlackFire Early Returns
"Penny Lane"
With Mary

BlackFire Afterthought
With Herb and Jim

BlackFire Four Alarm Fire
With Patricia and Peter

BlackFire Stealing Home
With Jeanette, Erin, and Dawn

BlackFire Fast and Furious
With Jill and Chelsea

BlackFire Uptown Girl
With Rachel and Sean

Nine years later ...

Lexi and family.jpg

...and later still...


BlackFire Storm Front
With Christian and Chloe

BlackFire Pinck Champagne
With Bryan

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