In Memoriam

Below is a tribute to some of the wonderful canine partners
whom we have lost over the years.

BlackFire Emil's Billet-Doux



Madeline made her show debut in York, Pennsylvania when she was just a puppy.  Although she never achieved any titles as a show dog, her sweet disposition brought untold happiness to her owners, Maureen and Caitlin.  Right up to her last moments of life, she never lost her regal presence or her adventurous spirit.  She gave her human partners the final gift of lying down in her favorite spot, and falling asleep for the last time.  Madeline will always be their favorite:  strong, beautiful, smart ... and adventurous!

Most of all, she started them on a long journey of showing and breeding Cavaliers. 

BlackFire It's A Wrap



2005 - 2019


Rapper and his sister Gracie were the last puppies produced by AKC and CKCSC Champion Chadwick September Song (Bexley), one of the finest Cavaliers we ever bred.

Rapper lived right across the street from the beach in Fort Lauderdale, and although he didn't care much for the water, he loved going for long walks on the beach, and would wade in the surf to cool off.

He helped his daddy Ross teach Yoga, and was a fixture in the classes, loved by all of the students.

A great companion, Rapper will be sorely missed.

BlackFire Dark Thicket NA, NAJ



2010 - 2019


Bramble's mother was Brûlée, a sweet girl we imported from France, and her father was McCallum, an accomplished Agility dog.

So it was only natural that Bramble would herself achieve success in the Agility ring, earning titles in both AKC and CKCSC-USA, and still have a perfect Cavalier temperament.

When she wasn't running Agility, Bramble was the sweetest comfort dog you could possibly wish for.  She wanted nothing more than to sit on our laps and cuddle.

During her breeding career, she produced seven beautiful puppies, all of whom inherited her sweet personality.  One of her sons, Hubbell, gained recognition in the conformation ring, earning an AKC Championship.  Hubbell also gave Bramble the opportunity to be a grandmother ten times over, and one of her grandchildren is SnapChat, who is one of our breeding girls.  Hopefully, there will someday be Bramble great-grandchildren.

In her retirement, Bramble was adopted by a loving couple in Brooklyn, who provided the very best home we could hope for, and gave her outstanding care right up until the end.

Rest easy, Bramble ... but never stop jumping!

BlackFire Say G'Nite Gracie



2005 - 2017


Gracie was one of two puppies in the last litter produced by CH Chadwick September Song at BlackFire (Bexley).

As she grew gracefully into adulthood, she maintained her beauty, her energy, and her good nature.  Dubbed the "Grand Dame Of Hamilton Place" by her neighbors, she loved to play with her canine friends Nicky, Portia, and Pierce, as well as with her human neighbors.  On the days her owner took her to work, she delighted all the people she came in contact with.

Like her mother Bexley, Gracie did not show a trace of heart disease right up to her final days.  She will be missed by all who had the good fortune to know her.

BlackFire Tiny Tim "Timmy"


2005 - 2016


Timmy was one of three in Samantha's second litter, a wonderful Christmas present that came to us two days early.  He was so much smaller than his sister Breeeze and his big brother Fezzi that his name was a natural.

He brought years of faithful companionship to his daddy Pete, who said, "he was and always will be the biggest joy in my life."  His dad and his adopted brother Chaucer will miss him greatly.

Chadwick Pinckney at BlackFire



2003 - 2016


Pinckney came to us courtesy of Anne Eckersley and Pam Taub.  A 13 pound cobby little girl, Pinck was always a bundle of energy and a lot of fun.  Treats made her spin in circles, all four feet on the ground, with eyes never leaving the treat—a neat little trick.  When she wagged her tail, her whole body wriggled, and we’d all say, “Pinckney, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,” and she’d happily oblige.

When she was 11 years old, our granddaughter Alyssa needed a Cavalier to show in Junior Sportsmanship; Pinck was there.  As much fun as Pinck could be at home, in the ring she was always well-behaved and the perfect lady, a perfect dog for a Junior handler.  Alyssa and Pinck formed a close bond, so Pinck retired to Florida and happily lived with Alyssa there.

At the age of 13, Pinck died peacefully in her sleep.


Run free Pinckney, and don’t let anyone touch your feet.

Brown Sugar of Woodville at BlackFire



2006 - 2016


Brûlée came to us from France, and won our hearts right away with her sweet personality.  We are forever grateful to breeder Wendy Lhote for sharing her little girl with us.

Brûlée touched the lives of so many people in her ten years, and all of them will miss her terribly.  However, her good nature and lovely attributes live on, through her daughters Bramble and Flirt, her grandson Hubbell, and her many other grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Vivre la Brûlée!

BlackFire Killian's Red "Killian"


2004 - 2015


When he was a puppy, he would run around the yard for hours, playing with his brother Murphy, until the two of them would collapse in exhaustion on the dog bed.

With his adopted family, he was truly an integral part of the family - no matter what the occasion, he needed to be in the middle of everything.

Always a good-looking boy, Killian would evoke compliments from everyone who met him.  He will always be missed by those who loved him.

CKCSC and AKC Champion

Chadwick Bewitched at BlackFire





Samantha was striking, even at six months old.  When she won her first major, the judge wanted to take her home.  But as sweet as she was, Sammi always had a streak of independence.  As we continued to show her, she became more and more bossy in the ring.  She would bark at us, as if to say, "Give me my treat now!"  Fortunately, there were enough judges that could see past that behavior, and appreciated her many fine qualities.  She eventually became a dual Champion.

She produced puppies, who in turn produced more puppies, and we still have three of her great-grandchildren in our household.  In her line are Champion BlackFire Trifecta and Champion BlackFire October Surprise.

We loved her completely, and learned to accept her independent nature.  Right up to her final days, she insisted on ownership rights to her crate - if any of the other dogs tried to sleep in it, she would stare them down, and bark until they gave it up to her.

We'll miss you, Sammi, but you will always live on in your progeny.

BlackFire Pretty in Pinck  "Diva"


2008 - 2014


She was a Diva in every sense of the word.
She brought sunshine and happiness into our home,
and later into her adopted home.
Her owners said it best:   "Although our family has loved
all of our animals – Diva was like no other.  
She came into our loves like a meteor – lived up to
her name – and left us far too soon.
She was everyone’s favorite.”
She is missed today, and will always be loved.

Blackfire Li'l Fan "Breeeze"


2005 - 2014


Breeeze was so dear to us; she stayed
in our home for a long time before we found
just the right family to love and care for her.
Although she is gone, she remains in our hearts
and in the hearts of her adoptive family.
Happily, her "cousin" Lexi was adopted by
a member of that very family.

AKC and CKCSC Champion 
Chadwick September Song at BlackFire



1997 - 2013


Bexley came from our very first litter,
and we always said that we didn't pick her
to keep - she picked us.  She was always
the first puppy in the litter to come over to
us when we approached the pen; how
could we resist?

Over the course of her lifetime, she compiled
an impressive record of CKCSC class wins
and finished her AKC Championship,
but perhaps her greatest accomplishment
in the ring came in 2010 when she was awarded
Best in Show by Judge Lydia Coleman-Hutchinson,
just 3 weeks before her 13th birthday.
She followed that a few months later by being awarded
her second major by Judge Barb Curley,
thereby finishing her CKCSC-USA Championship.
She is believed to be the oldest Cavalier in the
long history of the club to finish a Championship.

Bexley always provided us with plenty of laughs.
She was something of a pack rat, going around and
collecting dog toys, slippers, leashes, and anything else
we would leave lying around.  She never chewed
or destroyed them - she just enjoyed collecting them.
At one dog show, she collected all of the leashes
in the hotel room and brought them up onto the bed.
The funny part is that her mother, Widget, was
still attached to one of them!

Bexley lived a long and healthy life, staying free of
any heart murmur until she was 12 years old.
She passed away at home in Katie's arms
at the age of 15 1/2.

Our deepest thanks go to co-breeder Anne Eckersley
for making it possible for Bexley to become
an unforgettable part of our lives.


BlackFire Opus One


2002 - 2011


Casey was Bexley's very first puppy.
He was the only one in his litter, and we
originally named him "Opie."  His adoptive family
gave him his new name, as well as a lot of love
over the years.  He loved to start each day with a walk
on the beach, and he watched the children grow up.
He lived a good life, and he will be missed.

BlackFire Keepin' the Faith


January 11, 2011 - May 2, 2011


You fought so hard during your much too short life,
overcoming your cleft palate and growing into the sweetest,
most beautiful little girl.  We knew you had a big heart,
but we couldn't imagine that its weakness would take you
from us so soon.  Those of us who knew you will always
hold a special place in our hearts for you.

Chadwick Flying Solo


2002 - 2009


Widget's last puppy



1993 - 2008


 Mopsy was a silver and white Shih Tzu who thought she was a Cavalier.  We bought Mopsy for Mom shortly after Dad died.  The two were inseparable for 11 years, until Mom had to enter  a nursing home and Mopsy came to live with us.  Mopsy, always friends with our Cavaliers, started behaving like a Cavalier.  When people would come to look at puppies, Mopsy would come off whatever piece of furniture she happened to be sleeping on to say hello and let everyone know she was just as cute as any Cavalier.  Her favorite time of day was 3:00 pm when Katie and Mopsy would go to visit Mom.  Smart as a whip but testy with children (I’m sure David Robins will never forget her), she survived the removal of a tumor and her spleen at age 12, and behaved like a puppy at meal time almost to the end.  She always loved to frolic with our new puppies.

 In the midst of our joy over our new litter of Cavalier pups, Mopsy, now 14½, was united with Mom on May 17.  Murphy attended and sat respectfully at the gravesite while we buried her.  We loved her, and we will all miss her terribly.


Good girl, Mopsy. 

Chadwick Blackout at BlackFire


July 16, 1995 -- March 15, 2007


A great dog with a good heart -
You'll be sorely missed,
and always young in our hearts.

Chadwick Phantom of the Opera


January 16, 1991 -- July 14, 2004


Thank you, Phanny, for
always keeping us laughing.